Advanced Hair Studio


Very Happy Customer, Sydney, Australia

“Having been a customer at the Dandenong and Frankston studios for close to two decades, I have been over the moon with the treatment offered and the great service from the entire team!! If I had to redo the whole thing over, I would do it all exactly the same way. Please keep up the outstanding work!!”

Joe, Dandenong, Australia

“I began treatment with Advanced Hair Studio in the latter part of 2009. By having the Strand-By-Strand treatment I have to say it has altered my life, giving me a lot more confidence. Because I am a physical person and play a lot of sport and swim, the Strand-By-Strand service with Advanced Hair Studio was perfect. It allowed me to do all my normal activities and was just like having my own natural hair. Not only this, but AHS has provided me with the best of service. Extremely nice and supportive staff. I just wanted to say I’m a satisfied client and intend on staying with you for a very long time.”

Anonymous, Leeds, U.K.

“I’ve been with Advanced Hair Studio for close on a year. I am so happy with their client service and the products they offer. I wish to offer thanks for the solution they have provided to me and to help me reach my objective of regaining a full head of hair and not being afraid of public places. Thank you very much.”

Glenn, Parramatta, Australia

“Before I started treatment my hair was in such bad shape. I knew that the obvious choice between having hair and losing it was the former. There was no way I wanted to go through life without hair. Baldness, for me, was not an option. In all honesty, hair loss is demoralising and confidence destroying.

Once I consulted with Advanced Hair Studio, they advised me on what would be the best route to hair restoration. At the beginning, I was a little disbelieving. I am also very cautious with my money. However, I wanted to restore my hair and I went full throttle. The results astounded me. In not much time, my hair was back and the before and after images, close to the end of treatment, were unbelievable. It was amazing how much younger I looked. I feel it’s opened up new doors, provided me with a better ego, and is continuing to improve my social life.”

Andrew, London, U.K.

“For about six to twelve months my hair was becoming thinner and then one day I noticed a bald patch right on the crown of my head. I then came across an article discussing the AHS treatment services and how Ryan Griggs had used them. Following this I contacted AHS to find out more information. My initial consultation with Advanced Hair Studio was impressive. I was provided with a lot of information and the doubt that I had prior vanished.

I chose the laser treatment and I am so happy with the results. In fact, where I had totally lost my hair, the restoration was so impressive it came back to a full head of hair. My confidence is back to where it was and when I catch a reflection of myself, it is extremely satisfying to see a full set of hair!”

Jason, Sydney, Australia

“After starting the Advanced Laser Therapy instantly with Advanced Hair Studio, I have had outstanding results in just five months. This improvement has been in relation to the hair shaft increasing in density and the increase in hair volume.”

Trevor, Mildura, Australia

“I am emailing to applaud Advanced Hair Studio on the fantastic treatment that I have been receiving for the last five years. To be frank, your Strand-By-Strand treatment has brought so many positives into my life. What I have achieved in my life is so amazing and I know I owe it in so many ways to what Advanced Hair Studio has done for me.”

Richard, Leeds, U.K.

“My confidence has skyrocketed. Just simply fantastic Advanced Hair Studio!!!”

Greg, Melbourne, Australia

“Both my wife and I so happy with the outcome. Without hesitation, we both recommend the Advanced Hair Studio program to absolutely any person who has a hair loss condition – whatever it may be.”

Simon, Cardiff, UK

“Following my hair treatment with Advanced Hair Studio, my life has got so much better in so many ways. I feel more I am more capable than ever to achieve newly set goals. It has definitely given me a new outlook on my life.”

Adam, Queenscliff, Australia

“Because it feels so natural, I keep forgetting that it is not my own hair. I am 100% certain that it doesn’t matter what I do, no one will ever detect it.”

P.V., Melbourne, Australia

“I wanted to let you know that your knowledge, patience, fun and empathy are greatly valued by us both. Without doubt, Peter’s life has got so much better. Each time, you do a great job.”

Brian, Leeds, UK

“I greatly appreciate the awesome job you did Advanced Hair Studio. I have no qualms in recommending this hair treatment to everyone.”

Lisa, Brisbane, Australia

“My confidence has increased so much since I have had your hair replacement treatment. I am feeling so much better about my life and myself. I feel my correct age, rather than appearing to be ten years older than I really am. My circle of friends keeps telling me it is greatest thing I could have done.”

Peter, Melbourne, Australia

“I keep getting such positive feedback from people saying how fabulous I look. Much appreciated Advanced Hair Studio. You’ve helped make me realise my dream.”

Mary, Melbourne, Australia

“Keep going with the excellence in customer service you’ve shown. You’ve definitely impressed me.”

Stephen, Melbourne, Australia

“No words or action can thank the ladies at the studio for all the superb help they’ve provided me. Keep up the good work and many thanks.”